Meriwether Fiber Internet Move Faster than the Speed of Business with our Customized Fiber-optic Solutions.

?/span> Speeds start at 25 Mbps Download & 25 Upload and can burst up to 30 Mbps

?/span> Enjoy our fastest upload and download speeds with dedicated symmetrical service

?/span> Services are monitored by our Network Operations Center 24x7 to ensure constant uptime



Also commonly known as point-to-point or transparent LAN services, Enterprise Networks Wide Area Network (WAN) service offers customers symmetrical network connectivity with speeds ranging from 25 Mbps up to 30 mbps or more. Data is transported on dedicated fiber links Network and cat5e copper. There is no internet modem required to connect to the internet.?All you need to do is plug your computer or device into the specified jack in the unit to be connected.


For wireless access you could either use your own wireless access point or you could purchase one from Enterprise?Networks . (Options below)

?/span> Standard Cisco wireless N router for basic internet browsing is $99.00 which includes setup and installation by Enterprise .

?/span> Premium wireless AC router is recommended for larger units and all customers that require higher bandwidth?for wireless streaming for gaming or hulu/Netflix video streaming . $150.00 this includes setup and installation .

?/span> All our wireless routers have built in firewalls for your protection against hackers.

Technical Support

For technical support or questions please call 503 866 7602 or email us at


Enterprise Networks
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